Neptune, Galaxy, Zeus and Athena: Comparing ATM Living Pergolas

Written by: Chelsea Jobe



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What is the ultimate outdoor accessory? The answer is pergolas.

We understand that a pergola is an investment for your outdoor space to improve the quality of outdoor living. There are many factors to consider, which can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with pergolas and their attributes. That’s why we have created a useful product guide detailing the features of our pergolas, so you can make an informed decision on which pergola is best for you.

In the following article, we will compare and explain the ins and outs of our pergolas - Neptune, Galaxy, Zeus and Athena.


All of our pergolas are constructed from high-grade powder-coated aluminium. This material is perfect for outdoor furniture because of its weatherproof qualities. Come rain or shine - aluminium is a popular choice for garden pergolas.

Aluminium is a strong, durable material designed to last for years to come. The appearance of aluminium pergolas is sleek and stylish and will add a modern flair. One of the main reasons that an aluminium pergola makes a great addition to outdoor spaces is that it can complement rattan, aluminium and fabric furniture sets.

A standout quality of aluminium pergolas is that they require minimum maintenance.

Louvred Roof

As we all know, British weather can be unpredictable, especially during the summer season. We can experience bright blue skies and sunshine, and then within minutes, grey clouds loom with unexpected rain spells. A great solution to make the most of your outdoor space all year round is an aluminium pergola with a louvred roof.

There are two different types of louvred roofs - manual and motorised.

We have listed each one of our pergolas below and the type of louvred roof it features:


Type of Louvred Roof









The main difference between a manual and motorised roof is the method of adjusting the tilting louvres. The manual roof pergolas have a crank handle, whereas the motorised roof pergolas come with a remote control to open and close the louvres.

Whether you prefer a manual or motorised louvred roof, our pergolas serve the same purpose - creating a covered area for outdoor living. Open the louvres to allow sunlight through or close shut to provide shelter during the rainy season.


The most crucial step when deciding on a pergola is finding the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Across all of our pergola ranges - the Neptune, Galaxy, Zeus and Athena - we have three sizes to choose from: 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m and 3m x 6m.

The smallest pergola we have available is 3m x 3m and is perfect for a corner position in a garden.

3m x 4m is our most popular size pergola. 3m x 4m pergolas are great for medium-sized outdoor spaces and can extend from a door to an open garden.

3m x 6m is the largest size pergola that we offer. Designed to cover a larger area, 3m x 6m pergolas will create a sheltered spot for all outdoor living needs.

Unfortunately, we do not offer bespoke sizes - only the three sizes mentioned above.

LED Lights

When the sun goes down, don’t retreat indoors, and extend your time spent outdoors with useful outdoor lighting. The Neptune, Galaxy and Zeus pergola ranges feature white LED lights to brighten your outdoor space while lounging, dining or entertaining. The LED lights are built-in to the louvres, which adds a modern touch to any outdoor space. Turn on the lights and keep the party going with friends and family.

Here is a brief explanation of how the LED lights work for each pergola:

For Neptune, there is a button on one of the pergola legs to switch the lights on and off.

For the Galaxy and Zeus, there is a remote control to operate the lights.

The only pergola in our range that does not include LED lighting is the Athena pergola range.

Built-In Drainage System

A prominent feature of our pergolas that needs to be raved about more - is the built-in drainage system. Our entire range of pergolas includes this specification, no matter whether the pergola has a manual or motorised louvred roof.

The drainage system is a great quality of our pergolas, designed to keep you dry without the water collecting on top of the roof.

No need to worry about sudden rainfall - simply close the louvred roof and the rainwater will flow into the channels in the legs of the pergola and out through an opening at the bottom. Normally surface areas have a natural fall, making it easy for the water to drain away. 

Privacy Screens

While the primary purpose of pergolas is to offer shade and shelter, you can build a secluded area in your backyard with a pergola. Achieve this with privacy screens. Made from Texteline, a weather-resistant material, privacy screens create a private and cosy spot to relax, dine and entertain.

Out of the four pergola ranges, two come with privacy screens included. For the other two ranges, you can buy the privacy screens separately. Please see below the following pergolas:


Privacy Screens




Not Included (sold separately)




Not included (sold separately)

The Neptune, Galaxy and Athena pergola have manual pull-down privacy screens.

The Zeus, on the other hand, comes with motorised privacy screens that are operated via a remote control.

If you do not require all of the privacy screens, we recommend opting for the Galaxy or Athena pergola. These two pergolas give customers the flexibility to buy as many privacy screens as they need.

Assembly Service

If you are not confident building a pergola, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. At ATM Living, we offer an assembly service across our range of pergolas. You can add this service to the basket on the pergola product listing page underneath the ‘buy it with’ section.

There are different prices for assembly, depending on the size of the pergola:


Assembly Cost

3m x 3m


3m x 4m


3m x 6m


We also offer a bolting service - bolt to ground (£100) and bolt to porcelain (£150). This service entails our team installing bolts through the pergola footplates into the surface area. Contact our customer support team if you are unsure which bolting service to select when ordering.

Find out what happens during a pergola assembly and watch our videos on TikTok.

Here is a video of a Neptune Deluxe LED Pergola built by our team.

Here is a time-lapse of pergola louvres being installed.

Are you more informed about our pergolas after reading this article? Browse our full range of pergolas and find the perfect pergola for your outdoor space and needs.