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How To Protect Your Furniture Using Garden Furniture Covers

Written by: Chelsea Jobe



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Protect and maintain the quality of your furniture with garden furniture covers during winter

Autumn is over as quickly as it arrived. Mild, crisp mornings and twilight skies are no longer, with cold, wintry spells and dark evenings suddenly taking their place.

The abrupt change from autumn to winter means only one thing.

Outdoor living has officially come to an end.

Before you say goodbye to your outdoor lifestyle until next year, there is an important question to answer.

“How do you protect your garden furniture during winter?”

The best solution to protecting your garden furniture during winter is using garden furniture covers.

Learn everything you need about furniture covers and how to keep your garden furniture looking its best.

Do you need to cover garden furniture?

The short answer is yes to maintaining the appearance of your garden furniture.

Some furniture styles do not require a cover, such as the Pulse. Pulse furniture sets can be left outside all year round because they are made from specialised outdoor fabric and high-performance foam.

We strongly recommend a furniture cover for rattan and aluminium furniture sets.

The main benefit of using covers is to protect your furniture from the elements, especially during winter.

When to cover garden furniture?

There's no specified timeframe on when to cover your garden furniture.

Most people cover their furniture at the end of autumn just before the temperature drops. But the decision is entirely up to you. 

The best advice we can give you is to cover your furniture when you no longer spend time outdoors.

Place a cover over your furniture set as soon as your outdoor lifestyle changes. Eliminate the risk of forgetting to cover your furniture and do it immediately before you retreat indoors.

What are the benefits of garden furniture covers?

Furniture covers are beneficial because they protect your furniture from the elements and minimise damage.

Add an extra layer of protection against dirt, leaves and snow.

You may even be able to increase the longevity of your garden furniture if you use a furniture cover.

PE rattan and aluminium have weatherproof qualities, but a furniture cover may make it last even longer.

Covering your furniture will keep it looking its best when uncovered in the warmer months. Taking care of your furniture is crucial so you can enjoy it for many years. 

What must you know before buying outdoor furniture covers?

Always check the measurements of your furniture before buying a furniture cover.

You can adjust the drawstring or toggle if the cover is slightly bigger than the furniture set.

However, if the cover is too small, you'll be unable to cover the entire furniture set.

Compare the measurements of the furniture cover and your furniture set carefully. Make sure you account for each furniture piece, especially if you have a sofa set

How do you cover garden furniture?

It is important to remember that you need to bring the cushions indoors before you cover the furniture.

The next step is to move the pieces of furniture close together to make it easy to cover the entire furniture set.

No matter whether you have a fire pit sofa set or dining set, configuring your furniture will reduce the time and effort spent covering the furniture.

Keep the garden furniture cover pulled tight and secure it by tightening the drawstring or toggle.

And it's that simple! Uncover your furniture when you are ready to use it next year. 

Key points about using garden furniture covers

Check the measurements of the outdoor furniture cover and your furniture set

Bring the cushions indoors

Use a cover and protect your furniture during the colder months

Protect your furniture with a cover during winter. Browse our range of furniture covers.