Front view of a weathered oak bed with rattan headboard.

The Revival of Rattan Furniture: Interior Edition

Written by: Chelsea Jobe



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With the fast-paced and ever-changing interior design industry, it is easy to lose sight of what’s new and in fashion. Grey and silver were all the rage, and then not long after cream, beige and gold accents became the latest fad in home decor. High street and online retailers are always inspired and designing products due to the emergence of trends and interior design themes. The constant stream of new releases within indoor furniture and accessories may make discovering your personal style and flair difficult.

Recently there have been revivals of past trends, such as retro and mid-century modern. As predicted in our 2023 top home and garden trends article, indoor rattan furniture is returning, and we’re here for it. Rattan and wicker living furniture is part of the coastal, tropical and other nature-inspired interior styles. The organic look of woven rattan will uplift the appearance of any living space, creating a comforting environment to relax. The best part of rattan furniture is that it can be easily incorporated yet makes a bold impression. This article covers how to welcome the rattan trend into your home with statement furniture pieces. 

Black wood bed with rattan headboard. Wood panelling and a round mirror on the wall. Rattan wardrobe in the background.

The standout feature of any bedroom is a bed, which is why it is important to choose the best bed for your space. There are many factors to consider, such as the style and material of the bed to accompany the colour scheme and decor of the bedroom. Rattan bed frames are in demand as many are leaning towards warm neutral colours, in line with the nature-inspired and bohemian interior trends. The Tristan Rattan Bed is the epitome of indoor rattan furniture, featuring a traditional shape and design with the open weave rattan headboard. The weathered oak frame is timeless and the perfect choice for minimalist bedrooms. The Black Rattan Bed Frame is the latest addition to our bed range and offers a modern twist on the rattan trend. The elegant square headboard and low footboard would be striking in a chic neutral space. Dress the bed in quality bed linen and style it with throws and cushions to add layers and texture.

Wooden dining chair with rattan backrest and seat accents. The dining chair is beside a light wooden table.

The dining room is multi-functional and versatile for all occasions. Holidays, Sunday brunches and casual conversations after work can be a shared and memorable experience with friends and family around the dining table. Elevate your space with rattan dining room furniture and design the perfect indoor entertaining area to dine, celebrate and relax. The Rattan Dining Chairs boast a laid-back appearance with a natural wood frame and rattan accent backrest and seat. The shape and design pay homage to the retro trend and can be paired with the Quebec Dining Table to create a stunning dining set-up. Apart from the staples like tables and chairs, sideboards and display units are great pieces of dining furniture, providing a storage solution for tableware and other dining essentials. The Rattan Display Unit is the perfect mix of natural and industrial-style with rattan cupboard fronts and an aluminium base.

Top Tip: Complement the naturalistic elements of rattan furniture with soft furnishings and accessories to bring the look together. Throw a stylish boucle knot cushion onto the armchair or embellish the display unit with a vase to add character to your living space. 

Rattan 7 drawer chest with black wood frame. Wood panelling with a round mirror on the wall in the background. Black vases on top of the chest.

Storage is a vital piece of furniture to keep your home organised, but it does not need to lack aesthetics and be out of place in the room. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables serve the purpose of practical storage - however, why not harmonise them with the rest of your furniture? The Black Rattan Wardrobe combines natural rattan fronts and an industrial-style base, fashioning the ideal piece of furniture for contemporary bedrooms. With a sleek black wooden frame, the wardrobe can be paired with a rattan bed or a wooden four-poster bed to create a dreamy space. The newest addition to our collection is the Black Rattan Drawer Chest, which offers a fresh take on bedroom storage furniture. The cane rattan details on the drawers accentuate the light and airiness of a room, while the contrasting frame adds dimension.