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Browse our range of dining tables, suitable for all occasions - from casual quick bites to formal dinner gatherings. Round, rectangular, wood and metal, the table is the starting point for designing your dream dining room.

Whether you’re looking for a compact 2-seat table or a spacious dining table for groups of friends and family, we’ve got you covered with our modern and elegant dining table collection.


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Preorder : Mid May
Large Black Circular Dining TableLarge Black Circular Dining Table
Large Black Circular Dining Table Sale priceFrom £580.00
Preorder : Late May
Concrete / Resin Circular Cylinder Dining TableConcrete / Resin Circular Cylinder Dining Table
Black Marble Circular Dining TableBlack Marble Circular Dining Table
Preorder : Mid May
Large Brass Circular Dining TableLarge Brass Circular Dining Table
Small square glass table with black baseSmall square glass table with black base
Preorder : Stock Due 10 Week(s)
Black Marble Dining TableBlack Marble Dining Table
Black Marble Dining Table Sale price£479.00
Preorder : Stock Due 5 Week(s)
Brooklyn Dining TableBrooklyn Dining Table
Brooklyn Dining Table Sale price£1,125.00
Enzo Dining TableEnzo Dining Table
Enzo Dining Table Sale price£695.00
Islingston Dining TableIslingston Dining Table
Islingston Dining Table Sale price£765.00
Islington Dining TableIslington Dining Table
Islington Dining Table Sale price£1,145.00
New York Dining TableNew York Dining Table
New York Dining Table Sale price£595.00
Puro Dining TablePuro Dining Table
Puro Dining Table Sale price£525.00
Preorder : Stock Due 5 Week(s)
Quebec Dining TableQuebec Dining Table
Quebec Dining Table Sale price£615.00
Raya Dining TableRaya Dining Table
Raya Dining Table Sale price£395.00
Raya Round Dining TableRaya Round Dining Table
Raya Round Dining Table Sale price£280.00
Preorder : Stock Due 10 Week(s)
White Marble Circular Dining TableWhite Marble Circular Dining Table
Willow Dining TableWillow Dining Table
Willow Dining Table Sale price£690.00
Sintered Stone Cylinder Dining TableSintered Stone Cylinder Dining Table
Sintered Stone Cylinder Dining Table Sale price£610.00 Regular price£675.00
Sintered Stone Rectangular Dining TableSintered Stone Rectangular Dining Table
Nora Black Marble Rectangle Dining TableNora Black Marble Rectangle Dining Table
Stone Rectangle Dining TableStone Rectangle Dining Table
Wire Circular Dining TableWire Circular Dining Table
Wire Circular Dining Table Sale price£455.00
Stone Circular Dining TableStone Circular Dining Table
Sculpt Mango Dining Table Sculpt Mango Dining Table
Sculpt Mango Dining Table Sale price£1,060.00