How to Style Your Outdoor Space for Autumn

Written by: Chelsea Jobe



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Embrace the beauty of autumn from the comfort of your outdoor space.

September is in motion, which means the beginning of a new season.

Crisp morning air. The smell of rain. Vibrant autumnal colours of the British landscape. The warmth from late-night bonfires.

With the start of autumn in full swing, you may consider packing up your garden furniture until next year. But let's wait a moment.

We want to let you in on a secret about outdoor living. Are you ready to know our secret?

You can enjoy outdoor living all year round; it is not limited to summer.

We have invested time and effort in upgrading outdoor spaces with luxury outdoor furniture and accessories. So why not spend every moment possible outdoors?


As the seasons change, so should your outdoor lifestyle without the need to retreat indoors.


Family BBQs on sunny afternoons swapped for cosy evenings around the fire pit. Sun lounging substituted for shelter under a pergola.


These little changes will maximise the use of your outdoor space.


In this article, we will provide tips and tricks on how to style your outdoor space for autumn. With only the following essentials - pergolas, heating, seating and lighting - create a snug outdoor set-up for relaxed autumn nights.

Pergolas to Create a Cosy Space for Autumn

 It is a known fact that we do not experience the best weather, especially during the autumn months.

That’s why you should prepare your outdoor space for all weather conditions.

Pergolas have become popular over the last few years. The reason is because they have the ability to offer shade and shelter all year round. 

Most of the time during autumn, it does rain. Create a sheltered area with a pergola will extend your time spent outdoors.

The most popular variation of pergolas are aluminium pergolas. Made from powder-coated aluminium, pergolas are waterproof and weather resistant.

Aluminium pergolas are strong, sturdy, and durable. A standout feature of aluminium pergolas is the louvred roof.

There are two types of louvred roof, manual and motorised. A crank handle comes with a manual louvred roof pergola, and a remote control comes with a motorised louvred roof pergola.

However, both styles function in the same way. The tilting louvres can be open to allow light through or close shut to shelter you from the rain.

Pergolas are versatile outdoor structures that offer protection from the elements. A pergola can cover a sofa set or dining set.

Create the ultimate outdoor area for lounging, dining and entertaining this autumn.

Top tip: Privacy screens add an extra element of weather proofing. Consider opting for privacy screens when purchasing a garden pergola.

Outdoor Heating to Create a Cosy Space for Autumn

During this time of year, the temperature drops massively. A cold breeze sets in, and our instinct tells us to go indoors.

Resist the urge to hide away in the comfort of your home and embrace the beauty of autumn. A simple solution to make the transition from summertime easier is outdoor heating.

Patio heaters, fire pits and lanterns provide warmth and comfort so you can stay outside longer. You can incorporate these outdoor heating options into any outdoor space, no matter how small or large it is.

The two most common types of outdoor heating are gas and electric. One of the main differences is the power source, but they serve the same purpose.

Gas heaters require propane gas, whereas electric heaters need plugged in.

Consider the benefits of gas and electric heaters, depending on your outdoor living needs.

Gas heaters are perfect for heating larger spaces, but make sure the area is well-ventilated.

Gas heaters are more portable than electric heaters, but there is more choice with style for electric. You can buy tabletop, overhang and hanging electric heaters.

Outdoor heating is a must-have for any garden and will radiate an inviting ambience. Fire up and stay warm throughout the colder months.

Outdoor Seating to Create a Cosy Space for Autumn

Outdoor seating is a standout feature of any outdoor space. There is no doubt about it.

It is the primary gathering spot for socialising with friends or relaxing with a glass of wine with your significant other.

Making sure you provide comfortable outdoor seating is a priority.

There is a vast choice of sizes and styles in seating. 4-seat sofa sets for intimate lounging, u-shaped sofas for parties and everything in between.

During autumn, utilise your seating to its fullest potential.

Corner sofas are popular choices for creating a cosy nook in a corner position. Perfect for snuggling in with hot chocolate after dark.

This type of seating works well for both large and small outdoor areas. Gather around on a corner sofa for an intimate outdoor lounging experience.

Similarly to standalone fire pits and patio heaters, fire pit sofa sets are handy during autumn and winter.

Fire pit sofa sets are multi-functional, providing seating and heating in a single outdoor furniture set. The tables feature an integrated gas fire pit system for convenient use. Unwind and watch the flames dance during twilight.

Top tip: Outdoor blankets and throws are a great way to add a layer of cosiness. Fleece and chunky knit are popular choices and a practical way to style any outdoor seating area during autumn. 

Outdoor Lighting to Create a Cosy Space for Autumn

The autumn equinox occurs every year in September. The occasion marks the beginning of autumn, where the night becomes longer than the day. 


We should know what to expect, but autumn comes around quickly and surprises us.


The sky suddenly turns dark before 6pm, and we wonder where the day has gone. 


To combat the dark nights, incorporate outdoor lighting into your set-up to add an alluring glow.


Outdoor lighting is the most simple yet powerful accessory to style your outdoor space for autumn. 


Find a suitable outdoor light source for your area to encourage you to stay outdoors longer. 


There are many styles of outdoor lighting to choose from:

  • Wall Lights 
  • Table and Floor Lamps
  • Post Lights
  • String or Fairy Lights
  • Festoon Lights
  • Mood Lights


Wall lights will add a modern touch to your space. Wall lights can border the perimeter of your garden or patio to create an enclosed and cosy environment. 


For a more atmospheric experience, string or festoon lights are the perfect choice. This type of lighting is versatile because they can hang from fencing or draped over a seating or dining area.


Brighten your space with outdoor lighting and enjoy autumn evenings under the stars. 

Are you excited for cosy evenings outdoors this autumn? Browse our range of pergolas, fire pit sofa sets, patio heaters and outdoor lighting.