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Extend your outdoor space with our wide range of garden buildings. Garden sheds and outbuildings provide plenty of room for a home office, hobby room or a quiet place to relax and chat with a partner or friend. 

This collection consists of summerhouses and playhouses that will add a focal point to your garden. The Hampton Summerhouse 7 x 7 is suitable for a corner position and ideal for lounging on a crisp Spring day.


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Paradise Bar 6x4ftParadise Bar 6x4ft
Paradise Bar 6x4ft Sale price£635.00 Regular price£950.00
Hampton Summerhouse 8x8ftHampton Summerhouse 8x8ft
Hampton Summerhouse 8x8ft Sale price£940.00 Regular price£1,430.00
Pixie Playhouse 6x4ftPixie Playhouse 6x4ft
Pixie Playhouse 6x4ft Sale price£405.00 Regular price£625.00
Barclay Summerhouse 7x7ftBarclay Summerhouse 7x7ft
Barclay Summerhouse 7x7ft Sale price£775.00 Regular price£1,260.00
Barclay Summerhouse 8x8ftBarclay Summerhouse 8x8ft
Barclay Summerhouse 8x8ft Sale price£945.00 Regular price£1,400.00
Lodge Playhouse 8×9ftLodge Playhouse 8×9ft
Lodge Playhouse 8×9ft Sale price£1,310.00 Regular price£1,950.00
Gazebo Summerhouse 6x6ftGazebo Summerhouse 6x6ft
Gazebo Summerhouse 6x6ft Sale price£705.00 Regular price£1,070.00
Barclay Summerhouse 10x10ftBarclay Summerhouse 10x10ft
Barclay Summerhouse 10x10ft Sale price£1,535.00 Regular price£2,100.00
Lumley Summerhouse 7x5ftLumley Summerhouse 7x5ft
Lumley Summerhouse 7x5ft Sale price£585.00 Regular price£925.00
Kitty Playhouse 5x5ftKitty Playhouse 5x5ft
Kitty Playhouse 5x5ft Sale price£380.00 Regular price£590.00
Cubby Playhouse 5x6ftCubby Playhouse 5x6ft
Cubby Playhouse 5x6ft Sale price£495.00 Regular price£635.00
Stork Playhouse 6x4ftStork Playhouse 6x4ft
Stork Playhouse 6x4ft Sale price£405.00 Regular price£630.00
Highclere Summerhouse 10x10ftHighclere Summerhouse 10x10ft
Highclere Summerhouse 10x10ft Sale price£1,545.00 Regular price£2,200.00
Larkspur Summerhouse 8x8ftLarkspur Summerhouse 8x8ft
Larkspur Summerhouse 8x8ft Sale price£1,190.00 Regular price£1,640.00
Wigwam Playhouse 7x6ftWigwam Playhouse 7x6ft
Wigwam Playhouse 7x6ft Sale price£540.00 Regular price£795.00
Westminster Summerhouse 7x13ftWestminster Summerhouse 7x13ft
Westminster Summerhouse 7x13ft Sale price£1,235.00 Regular price£1,840.00
Highclere Summerhouse 10x8ftHighclere Summerhouse 10x8ft
Highclere Summerhouse 10x8ft Sale price£1,475.00 Regular price£2,040.00
Cottage Playhouse 6x8ftCottage Playhouse 6x8ft
Cottage Playhouse 6x8ft Sale price£845.00 Regular price£1,250.00
Crib Playhouse 7x8ftCrib Playhouse 7x8ft
Crib Playhouse 7x8ft Sale price£885.00 Regular price£1,270.00
Loft Playhouse 8x6ftLoft Playhouse 8x6ft
Loft Playhouse 8x6ft Sale price£835.00 Regular price£1,290.00
Croft Playhouse 5x5ftCroft Playhouse 5x5ft
Croft Playhouse 5x5ft Sale price£695.00 Regular price£1,070.00
Hobby Playhouse 6x6ftHobby Playhouse 6x6ft
Hobby Playhouse 6x6ft Sale price£490.00
Club Playhouse 4x4ftClub Playhouse 4x4ft
Club Playhouse 4x4ft Sale price£310.00 Regular price£440.00
Bunny Playhouse 4x4ftBunny Playhouse 4x4ft
Bunny Playhouse 4x4ft Sale price£275.00 Regular price£425.00