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Must Have Garden Accessories for Summer 2021

Must Have Garden Accessories for Summer 2021

With the slightly longer days, warmer temperatures and the vivid colours of daffodils creeping in, it can only mean one thing: Summer is nearly here! It goes without saying that we all deserve a long beautiful summer after a hectic year! 

So whether you’re planning on making the most of your summer using your outdoor space, or organising the perfect garden party we’ve put together a list of must have garden accessories for your summer.

@pauls.and.lees.home (via Instagram)

Corner Sofas

There’s something quite perfect about corner sofas, the great thing about them is that unlike interior sofas they don’t need to be placed in a corner of your garden, as shown in the picture below styled by @heikes_homestory. The slender, stylish design of a corner sofa will complement your outdoor area, truly unifying your inside and outside space by blurring the lines between your house and garden, whilst still retaining the look of a sofa that belongs outside.


@heikes_homestory (via Instagram)

Perfect Pergolas

Not only do pergolas provide shade, but they also provide style in your outdoor space and are incredibly easy to install! Pergolas are the perfect opportunity to extend your outdoor season. Choosing one with tilting louvres and you can switch between a closed, sheltered space and an open top which allows sunlight to come flooding in. This means that you can use your outdoor area even when the weather is less than perfect.

Proteus Aluminium Pergola - 3m x 3m Square (no longer in stock)

Water Features

Nature in all its beauty and power can form beautiful waterfalls around the world, so why not have your own beautiful and tranquil water feature in your outdoor space? When it comes to water features, we find that lighting is just as important as the design itself, so choosing a fantastic feature with complimentary, warm lighting can make a great difference.

You can view our selection of garden accessories.

Featuring our ATM Jonah Water Feature (no longer in stock)

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