Christmas Decor

Accessorise every room in your home with Christmas decor to create a festive atmosphere. Christmas decor includes beautifully designed wreaths, serveware and ornaments.

The Mixed Pine and Cotton Mini Tree is the perfect Christmas table decoration to design a magical tablescape for Christmas Day. Discover our range of Christmas home decor and find something special for your interior.


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White Nutcracker SoldierWhite Nutcracker Soldier
White Nutcracker Soldier Sale price£28.00
Reindeer with LED White Set of 3Reindeer with LED White Set of 3
Brown Pearl TreeBrown Pearl Tree
Brown Pearl Tree Sale priceFrom £25.00
Black Pearl TreeBlack Pearl Tree
Black Pearl Tree Sale priceFrom £25.00
Mixed Pine & Cotton Mini TreeMixed Pine & Cotton Mini Tree
Mixed Pine & Cotton Mini Tree Sale priceFrom £22.00
White LED TomteWhite LED Tomte
White LED Tomte Sale price£20.00
White Pearl TreeWhite Pearl Tree
White Pearl Tree Sale priceFrom £22.00
Festive White Wooden LED Advent CalendarFestive White Wooden LED Advent Calendar
Sold out
White Iron StarWhite Iron Star
White Iron Star Sale priceFrom £14.00 Regular price£17.00
Sold out
Gold Nutcracker SoldierGold Nutcracker Soldier
Gold Nutcracker Soldier Sale price£28.00
Sold out
Nordic Tree with LEDNordic Tree with LED
Nordic Tree with LED Sale priceFrom £22.00
Sold out
White Pearl TreeWhite Pearl Tree
White Tree Decor Sale priceFrom £20.00
Sold out
Pampas Tree with LEDsPampas Tree with LEDs
Pampas Tree with LEDs Sale priceFrom £65.00
Sold out
Iron Star DecorIron Star Decor
Iron Star Decor Sale priceFrom £14.00 Regular price£15.00
Sold out
Green Porcelain Tree DecorGreen Porcelain Tree Decor
Green Porcelain Tree Decor Sale priceFrom £20.00